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 Karl Arts Gym

THE ARTS GYM was begun in 1999 by Lisa Dove and Greg Paul. These ongoing workshops are directed by artists for peers. Actors, dancers, directors, writers—whatever—all participate as equals. In the spirit of gymnasiums appointed to the exercise of the body, and of the mind, this gymnasium is dedicated to the exercise, discipline and development of the artistic muscle that is in danger of atrophy in the business-driven art market of New York City.

PLAYWRITING WORKSHOPS: In celebrating the life and work of British playwright, Bernard Kops, Juggernaut Theatre Company brought Mr. Kops to New York to conduct a series of playwriting workshops and present a reading of his latest play, “Returning We Hear The Larks,” the story of an elderly Jewish man who is able to resolve deep personal feelings of prejudice when he helps a Pakistani girl forgive her father.

If interested in joining or leading an arts gym please contact